If not amla, then what can you use? Nanoil argan oil for hair, skin & nails

Oils are wanted in hair care. Their popularity and availability on the market are so overwhelming that it’s a challenge to choose the most effective product. What’s going to work better: exotic amla or popular argan oil many women swear by?

Amla: what is that and where it comes from

Amla oil is native to India and is extracted from fruit known as Indian gooseberry. Apart from the traditional use on hair, it has antibacterial and antiviral effect. Amla fruit oil is used both as medication and beauty product.

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Is Nanoil argan oil better than amla oil?

Even though exotic amla oil is often labelled a hair product, many women lean towards more popular and effective Nanoil argan oil. It has an advantage over amla thanks to being suitable for use on skin and nails as well. What’s more the product is made up of the best ingredients caring for the entire body. There’s even more to Nanoil benefits, though! It contains vitamin E and has antioxidant effect, fighting free radicals which cause faster body aging.

Irreplaceable Nanoil Argan Skin, Nail & Hair Oil

Nanoil argan oil has a conditioning effect on hair, skin and nails. It’s 100% natural, organic certified as well as non-refined and cold-pressed, holds a complex of vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and is a natural sunscreen; Nanoil argan oil is recommended for all skin types, damaged hair and nails crying for growth-stimulating ingredients.

What is the effect of Nanoil argan oil?

Apart from having effect on hair, Nanoil works on skin and nails:

  • smoothing out wrinkles and blocking occurence of new ones
  • preventing hair loss
  • reducing activity of free radicals
  • conditioning tanned skin and giving sun protection
  • stimulating cells to repair
  • moisturising and locking in water
  • firming up, boosting elasticity and improving skin’s density
  • delivering nutrients to hair
  • boosting natural shine
  • speeding up hair growth

In order to make Nanoil preserve its properties, you must store it the right way. Keep the bottle tightly closed in a dark, dry, cool place.

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How to use Nanoil argan oil?

The way of applying Nanoil depends on what you use it for. Applied to hair, it protects against heat, UV radiation, thinning, various types of damage and splitting hair ends. Ideally, apply argan oil to dry or damp hair choosing the right amount for your hair length. Use Nanoil Argan Oil on skin by rubbing or massaging it in. The cosmetic leaves skin moisturized and firm, helps get rid of cellulite, discoloration, dry skin on hands and heels, and reduce dark under-eye circles. Nanoil Argan Oil is a splendid nail-enhancing product too. Use it for a nail soak or rub into nail plates every day.

Where to buy Nanoil Argan Oil?

You can buy Nanoil Argan Oil on the product site nanoil.us/argan-oil. Find all must-know info and broaden your knowledge on hair oil treatment and usage of this type of products.