If not amla, then what can you use? Nanoil argan oil for hair, skin & nails

Oils are wanted in hair care. Their popularity and availability on the market are so overwhelming that it’s a challenge to choose the most effective product. What’s going to work better: exotic amla or popular argan oil

Meet The Best Hair Oils With (Not Only) Amla

Amla trees grow in India. Amla oil is extracted from these trees and thanks to its nourishing and healing properties, it is recommended for all hair and scalp types. Amla oil contains many vitamins and micronutrients that

What are properties of amla oil and powder?

Amla is a popular plant in India. Did you know that it contains high dosage of vitamin C? What is more, it is perfect for hair and scalp care. It has beneficial impact on organism functions. Let’s

Dabul amla serum for damaged hair.

Dabur is the most popular brand producing blends of natural Indian hair oils. The most beloved product is Amla – natural oil that comes in various kinds, for example anti dandruff, cooling, etc. Another interesting proposition is

Dabur Amla Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil. Does it work?

Dabur is famous for natural cosmetic oils enriched with Indian herbal extracts like amla, brahmi and bhringraj. The brand has gained popularity thanks to amla oil which is loved not only by Hindu women. Dabur Amla can